Trust and Joy = Love and Joy

By Jesula Charles, 23 years old, from Miami, Florida serving on the Comcast NBCUniversal team at Bakersville Elementary School.

City Year New Hampshire corps members show more than just our love and joy for service everyday. Since October, we’ve had the opportunity to use our creative abilities and high energy to spread joy to sites nationally and internationally as well as build trust and companionship here at City Year New Hampshire through many corps led activities and appreciations with the creation of the Trust and Joy committee.

The committee is spearheaded this year by City Year New Hampshire Program Manager, Nicole Bathalon, who gave insight on its creation, “I started Trust and Joy for a couple of different reasons. First, I wanted the committee as another way for our corps members to build a stronger beloved community at our site through whole site events, appreciations, and fun/team building.  The committee is doing an excellent job implementing their ideas and working together. Their flexibility and creative thinking is exactly what I envisioned when I created this committee.”

There are three subcommittees that make up the Trust and Joy: Cross Site Appreciations, Balance Break/Site Break and Whole Site Events. Each committee has unique responsibilities that ensure corps members are engaged with City Year culture.

Whole Site Events focuses on opportunities that give extra time to reconnect, create friendships and demonstrate support amongst corps members. In the past two months, the committee has held movie nights, ice skating activities and supported a can food drive headed by first year corps member Cody Allen. The committee is always brainstorming new ideas and taking notes on interests to make upcoming events memorable for all.

Balance Break/Site Break serves as the entertaining, active commercial break for corps members in between trainings and meetings. Ensuring FUN is the purpose of this committee. Members research or create games that are played to get the site up and moving when in the office. Wolf mafia, rock-paper-scissor competitions and themed jeopardy games are just a few examples of how fun can be incorporated in service.

Cross Site Appreciations: City Year New Hampshire believes in the power of recognizing and appreciating others who are making a difference in unique ways. With this motivating idea, my committee is responsible for appreciating sites within the City Year family. The organization has 24 sites that are making strides in communities around the world and nation and their efforts are celebrated in this committee with humorous videos, supportive cards and handmade posters that we hope builds bonds and make our fellow corps members smile. Much research and brainstorming is done to create personal and meaningful appreciations by members who strive to appreciate two sites per month. City Year New Hampshire love has been felt by City Year London, City Year Jacksonville and City Year New York with much more to come.

The Trust and Joy committee is taking the New Hampshire site by storm with its innovative ideas, team work, love for service and creating joys in the lives of others each day!

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One Response to Trust and Joy = Love and Joy

  1. carol j says:

    Hello Jesula – Thank you so much for telling us about this unique program. I am a City Year Mom and it’s helpful to learn about the many ways you are impacting the community and each other. Good luck, have fun!

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