A New Year, A New Beginning

“New Year, New Me!” a phrase that I’ve heard many times year after year. In my opinion, especially after experiencing a City Year corps member lifestyle, the phrase should be changed to “New Year, Improving Me”.  Hello all, Brandi Worley again, a proud team member of the Henry Wilson Wolves.  This holiday season has been one for the books.  Special moments with family and close friends have reminded me of the importance of time. Speaking with people about what I do with City Year has made me realize that tutoring children has been far more impactful for me than I could have imagined.  My renewed sense of self, life, and time has rejuvenated me to improve.

The last day at the office was the perfect way to begin a restful vacation. My mind had mostly drifted to relaxation mode, but it was Friday. I love Fridays at City Year because they bring our community together.  This particular Friday was fun all-around, from our potluck breakfast to the revealing of secret snowflakes (similar to Secret Santa), all the way to the community meeting.

My favorite part of the day, however, was an appreciation activity we did. We sat in one large circle with our back towards the middle. Megyn McClure, CYNH Program Director, chose a number of people randomly to enter the center of the circle, then read statements of appreciations aloud. When a statement was read, the selected few in the middle would touch the backs of those still sitting who they felt the statement applied to.  After a few statements were read, we would switch places. It was nice to silently communicate how much the corps appreciates each other for their strengths, personalities and natural charisma.  The positive energy was truly amazing and uplifting.

Coming into the year 2013, appreciation is the theme. This year I want to make sure I appreciate my friends and family more often than I did the year before. I also want to appreciate the kids I tutor for giving me simple laughs, complex thoughts, and a genuine happiness for just having them around.  Appreciation of life and those in it to share the moments with will be brought to mind when I’m having an off day.  With that, I want to say thank you to anyone that has impacted my life as well as all of you who are taking the time to read my thoughts. As for the kids that I tutor and mentor, this year is for you. Welcome to 2013, the world is ours.

About CityYear NH

City Year is a nonprofit that unites young people of all backgrounds for a demanding year of full-time service. As tutors, mentors, and role models, these idealistic leaders make a difference in the lives of children, and transform schools and neighborhoods across the US and in South Africa. For more information on how to get involved please call the City Year New Hampshire Recruitment hotline at 603-218-5101.
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1 Response to A New Year, A New Beginning

  1. carol j says:

    Well said! Thanks for sharing your insight on your City Year. Still gives me “goosebump moments” reading about you and your fellow corps members’ great work, compassion, thoughtfulness, and wisdom.

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