Applicant Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?
Apply to City Year online here!

When should I apply to City Year?
If City Year is your first choice program then you should apply as soon as possible. If you are considering City Year as well as other options, you should apply to the earliest deadline where you can make a decision amongst all of your options.

What happens after I submit my application?
Once City Year receives your completed online professional reference forms your application is complete. If you are selected to move to the next round, you will be invited to a full selection interview. After you have completed your interview, your application will be considered by our Selections Committee. You will receive notification regarding the committee’s decision on your application via e-mail by our posted notification deadline, typically 4 weeks after each application deadline. It is very important that you provide City Year with a functional e-mail that you check regularly!

I have received an invitation to join City Year. What do I do to confirm my position, and how long do I have to make my decision?
City Year requires that an invited applicant return their letter of commitment by the deadline listed in their offer letter, typically two weeks from the time the invitation is sent out. Out of fairness to all of our applicants, City Year cannot extend the response deadline, so be sure to apply to a deadline that enables you to make your best decision.

What is the time commitment for City Year?
City Year is a 10-month-long, full-time service commitment. Service starts in August and ends in June. Corps members in New Hampshire serve Monday – Friday from roughly 7:30am until 6:00pm. There are occasional weekend and evening commitments that are communicated to corps members well in advance.

What exactly will I do?
Corps members serve in the Manchester Public School system providing one-on-one and small group academic coaching and mentoring to students who are sliding off track in their attendance, behavior or course work. In addition you will also serve in after-school programs to provide students with a safe, structured and engaging environment.

Do corps members receive training?
Corps members go through an intensive period of training – Basic Training Academy – before they begin their in-school service. Throughout their City Year, corps members receive ongoing training to improve their service and learn new skills.

Where do corps members serve?
City Year New Hampshire Corps Members serve in six different elementary schools in Manchester, NH. They are:  Bakersville, Beech Street, Gossler Park, McDonough, Parker-Varney and Henry Wilson Elementary Schools.

When do I find out where I’ll be placed?
Corps members will receive basic information about each school and fill out a survey listing their preference during Basic Training Academy. Corps members serve on the same team at the same school for their 10 months of service.

When does City Year start? When do I need to be in New Hampshire?
Your City Year service will begin in August 2013. There will be a mandatory registration day in early August that corps members will need to attend. Exact dates will be communicated no later than May 31, 2013.

Does City Year provide housing? Is City Year a residential program?
Housing is not provided as part of the City Year program. Each corps member is responsible for securing their own living arrangements. City Year New Hampshire does provide some assistance with housing. We maintain a database of previous and current landlords and realtors who are interested in renting and have rented to corps members in the past and share this information. In addition, we have a Facebook group for confirmed corps members only, which is an excellent place to meet and get to know the other individuals who will also be doing City Year New Hampshire.

Potential landlords ask for proof of employment, but I won’t have pay stubs until three weeks into the program…what should I do?
City Year can provide you with a Proof of Volunteer Service letter to substitute for pay stubs. It verifies your enrollment in the program and outlines your stipend.

Is it possible to live on the stipend?
Yes! Your $564 biweekly stipend is taxable and your actual take home pay varies depending on your withholding. As an AmeriCorps member you may also be eligible for food stamps, which can provide up to $200 a month for groceries. Corps members typically pay $300-$400 per month in rent and benefit greatly from splitting grocery and utility costs with roommates.  Also, be prepared to pay a month’s rent up front as a security deposit on your apartment.

Can I work a part-time job while serving with City Year?
Some corps members work on the weekends or evenings, but your second job cannot conflict with your City Year hours. Typically you are done most days by 6:00pm, but the schedule can vary.

Can I go to school part-time while I do City Year?
Yes, as long as your classes do not interfere with your service. While it is possible, we do not recommend it.

Are corps members paid to do City Year?
Corps members in New Hampshire receive a living stipend of $550 bi-weekly, pre-tax.

Do corps members get vacation or time off?
Corps members receive 10 personal days to use throughout the year. These can be used for sick, vacation or personal time off. Corps members also receive a break around the winter holidays and most Federal holidays. It is important to note that a few traditional days off are actually “days on” for City Year. For example, we serve on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day and provide a day camp during winter vacation.

Do corps members receive health insurance? Can I stay on my parents’ insurance?
Corps members do receive free basic health coverage through City Year. Corps members are permitted to waive the insurance if they provide proof of alternative coverage, such as a medical card.

Do we get a scholarship when we graduate from City Year?
All AmeriCorps members who complete the minimum 1700 hours of service and graduate from their program receive the Eli Segal Education Award, an award of $5,645 to pay off existing loans or pay for future schooling. To learn more about the Education Award visit

Can I request loan forbearance while I am serving with City Year?
AmeriCorps members enrolled in an AmeriCorps program are eligible for forbearance for most federally backed student loans. For other types of student loans, ask your loan holder if your AmeriCorps service qualifies you for a deferment or forbearance. You will have the opportunity to request forbearance once you have begun service and are fully enrolled in AmeriCorps, typically during September. For more information about loan forbearance!

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