13th Opening Day Ceremony

Opening Day Ceremony
2012-2013 Corps

On Friday, September 7th, City Year New Hampshire celebrated its 13th Opening Day Ceremony at Manchester City Hall Plaza, bringing together an audience of parents, sponsors, alumni and community leaders, to celebrate 52 passionate young AmeriCorps members pledging a year of their lives to full-time service.  This intimate ceremony included remarks from our event sponsor, Comcast NBC Universal, Mayor Ted Gatsas and Superintendent of Manchester Schools, Dr. Brennan, whose words brought to light their confidence in young people to provide opportunities for students at risk to succeed and be life-long learners.

There is a part of the program that every year, truly speaks to the spirit and commitment of every generation of corps members and their leadership. I’m talking about corps members “Why I serve” statements.  For some, service is a movement while others, represents a voice of positive change.  To share a few, here are a couple “why I serve” statements presented at the ceremony and a link to photos of our event.

Vinor Ville

“I serve because if not for someone else’s charitable efforts, I would not be enjoying the opportunities that exist here in the U.S.  As a result, some time ago, I promised to dedicate myself to at least one year of service to a cause greater than myself, and here I am.”

                 – Vinor Ville, 23, from Lawrenceville, GA, serving at Beech Street Elementary School

Dianne Guerrier

“I serve because I know the significant impact that service can have on a young mind and have found that, for me, there is no greater joy than watching a young person realize their full potential.”

                     – Dianne Guerrier, 23, from Orlando, FL, serving at                                                         McDonough Elementary School

Neal Hunter

“I serve because every individual is capable of greatness; if I’ve been given every opportunity for success, then I have no excuse not to help provide others with that opportunity. I serve to be the change I wish to see in this world.”

                       – Neal Hunter, 20, from Eden, NY serving at Parker-Varney Elementary School

Delilah Talon

“I serve because I was given a second chance at life… A chance to make others appreciate the beauty in this world as I do, and to expand the horizons towards a sanguine chance.” 

  -Delilah Talon, 17, from All Over Maine, serving at                                         Gossler Park Elementary School

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