Summer Academy: Reflections by the Senior Corps Team


This past week, City Year New Hampshire traveled to Northeastern University and joined sites from across the country at a gathering called Summer Academy.  This week long retreat brought organizations staff and senior corps members together for some intensive and productive learning, networking and community building.  Here is what our Senior Corps members took away from this experience.

“The biggest thing I am taking away from academy is a greater understanding of what the City Year culture, history, structure, and values are, as well as the importance of learning (and teaching) the ‘why’ behind everything we do.” – Julie Fischer, age 22, from Manchester, New Hampshire, serving as a Team Leader at Henry Wilson Elementary School

“I am taking away a true understanding of the reach City Year has across the communities we serve nationally.  Although we represent our individual sites, we all believe in the greater mission of One City Year.” – Westleigh Morin, age 23, from Manchester, New Hampshire, serving as an Impact Project Leader

“I am taking many things away from academy, but mostly a re-energized sense of spirit for our site and a belief that, after seeing 1,000 people who do the same thing as me around the country and hearing their stories, I know that real, large-scale change is possible.” -Katherine Meskey, age 24, from Lancaster, Pennsylvania serving as a Team Leader at McDonough Elementary School

“If I had to condense my academy experience into just three words, I would say ‘Proud to Serve.’ The week in its entirety was an inspiration for me. I was able to see the much larger picture behind the work we all do for a positive future of education and to see a successful life for the students we serve each day.” -Byron Horne, age 23, from Raymore, Missouri, serving as an Impact Project Leader

“One thing that I am bringing back to City Year New Hampshire is City Year’s ability as a national organization to bring so many people together to do such great work as One City Year. We are all brothers and sisters in this work that we do for our communities and that will be important to relay to our corps members here in New Hampshire.” – Emily Fortescue, age 23, from Barrington, New Hampshire, serving as an Impact Project Leader

“One part of the summer academy experience that I plan on bringing back is the aspect of unity, oneness, and the idea of Ubuntu – that notion that ‘my humanity is tied to yours; I am because you are.’ I will advocate for unity throughout our New Hampshire site, and within each team. City Year New Hampshire will be an advocate for unity across the network as we become ‘One City Year’ nationally.” – Aaron Mohammed, age 24, from Derry, New Hampshire, serving as a Team Leader at Gossler Park

“Summer Academy was an amazing experience for me.  Although the days were long, it was so inspiring to be around such idealistic and positive people.  All of the training sessions and general assemblies had a purpose and built up my spirit and confidence for this year.  I will never forget those who I connected with, not to mention performing skits with the City Year Players in front of 1,000 people!  It truly was an incredible week.” – Andy Jordan, age 23, from Wakefield, Massachusetts, serving as a Team Leader at Parker-Varney Elementary School

“I found inspiration from the sound of a thousand voices united each morning as we recited the pledge and performed PT (Physical Training) exercises.  Before Academy, I understood I served a cause greater than myself.  After Academy, I feel it.  I am a part of One City Year.” – Andrietta Teixeira, age 21, from Modesto, California, serving as a Team Leader at Bakersville Elementary School

” People don’t get a chance to see all that we do, from our work in the classroom to our service projects.  When we do PT (physical training) exercises out in public, it is a physical representation of City Year and it is a way for people to get a little taste of who we are!” – Henocson Mulatre, age 24, from Miami, Florida, serving as a Team Leader at Beech Street Elementary

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