Global Youth Service Day

The weather was mid-70’s and sunny, a perfect day for Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) in Manchester, NH.  Over 700 third-fifth grade students, corps members, City Year staff, teachers, and volunteers spent Friday, April 20th, outside painting blacktop murals, picking up trash, and beautifying their schools.  Students got to help pick and plan the projects to do for service at their school.

Before students dove in and started their projects, corps members shared with them the significance of GYSD.  Here’s a sample introduction speech.  “Global Youth Service Day is the largest, and longest-running, annual day of service and the only one dedicated to engaging and celebrating children and youth (  Millions of youth and teens around the United States and the world are doing service at exactly the same time as you!  There are 700 students participating in GYSD in Manchester.  That means for every one of you, there’s at least 3,000 other students around the world doing service, too!  Can you imagine that?  Young people like you are showing pride in their schools and communities by doing projects to help the environment, make their school more beautiful, or educating others about health, education, hunger and poverty.  Doing projects around your school shows your friends, family, teachers, and the community that you care about and respect your school.  You will leave a positive lasting impression on your school and you should be proud of that.  We hope you have fun today, make new friends, and become excited to do service even after GYSD.  You and all the other participants around the world will truly make a difference today!”

Each City Year school underwent beautiful transformations inside and out.  I could write a short novel about all the projects and great things students accomplished at their schools.  Here are a few highlights:

Students at Gossler Park got to take the Global part of Global Youth Service Day to the next level.  They painted world flags on ceiling tiles to represent the different countries students at their school are from.

One of the murals McDonough students painted was their new school song (created by corps member, Mr. Jared Field) on the cafeteria wall.  This will certainly increase school pride!

Thanks to the students at Henry Wilson, their playground is more colorful than ever!  Students and corps members made sure everyone knew that Wilson was home of the wolves by painting their mascot and red and white school colors on the basketball court.

Bakersville Elementary School was beautified inside and out!  Students got the rare opportunity to paint on the school walls without getting in trouble!  They painted colorful addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts so students for years to come will be rock stars at math.

At Beech Street Elementary School some of the 5th graders showed that caring for the environment can be fun!  Corps members led students in an exciting competition of picking up trash around the school entry-ways, fields, and playground.  They had timed competitions and a treasure hunt for the strangest piece of trash.  Teamwork was key!

Students at Parker Varney demonstrated their strength, teamwork and willingness to get their hands dirty during their beautification and mulching project.  Painting the picnic table the blue and white school colors put a nice finishing touch on the project.  You can’t miss the Panther Pride!

To see photos from GYSD click here:

Global Youth Service Day is about harnessing the power of youth and transforming our communities, whether that is here in Manchester or across the world. I am proud of what we were able to accomplish and the outstanding work of both the students and each of our City Year New Hampshire Teams.

Congratulations on an amazing day of service!

Andie Dayne
Service Manager
City Year New Hampshire

About CityYear NH

City Year is a nonprofit that unites young people of all backgrounds for a demanding year of full-time service. As tutors, mentors, and role models, these idealistic leaders make a difference in the lives of children, and transform schools and neighborhoods across the US and in South Africa. For more information on how to get involved please call the City Year New Hampshire Recruitment hotline at 603-218-5101.
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1 Response to Global Youth Service Day

  1. carol j says:

    My 3 sons (that’s what I call my son and his two first year CM roommates) don’t often share the admirable work they are performing and the hours and care they are giving to the Manchester schools and community. Thanks for sharing this information with us. It helps me to “see” what my boys are doing. I am constantly amazed and proud of what City Year Manchester NH has accomplished this year and proud of the maturity, senstitivity, and citizenship that my 3 sons have gained this year (and their ability to laugh and have fun!) A first year CM Mom

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