Starry Starry Night

Me talking to guests and telling them about my service so far this year

Starry Starry Night has come and gone, but the feelings I got from it will be around for a while. The event is one of, if not, the biggest fundraiser that we put on here at City Year New Hampshire. During the evening, there were live and silent auctions, raffles, and loads of other cool things. Overall, it raised over $240,000 for CYNH!!! There was one part of the night that stuck out for me the most and produced the feelings I was talking about earlier.  This was Fund A Need.

I don’t think I was supposed to be in the room for Fund A Need, but I was curious of what was going on.  So, being my normal self, I decided to investigate. I am glad that I did. When this part of the night was happening, we asked the guests to donate money to help keep our site running. The speaker, Charlie Rose, did a great job and really helped us out. He started off by asking if anyone in the room would be willing to donate one million dollars. To some folks this may seem like a joke, but he was definitely serious. Unfortunately, no one was able to do so.

After that, he went down to $50,000, then $25,000, onto $10,000 and so on. Seeing people’s hands go up and knowing that they were directly funding my future was huge and humbling. It was almost like they were indirectly investing in me and what I will be doing at CYNH next year as a Senior Corps Member. There were points where Charlie would ask if anyone would be willing to give a certain amount and I would get worried because no ones hand would go up.  But in the end, there were many more times during the Fund A Need that I wanted to just yell out in excitement for those who were giving so generously.

It was at that time that I realized how important Starry Starry Night is to our site. When hands didn’t go up I wondered, “What if we don’t get enough money to run the site for next year?” Once you have that thought, it just keeps heading downhill. Thoughts about the kids we work with not having the program or the people from City Year to help them came to mind. I was nervous until we received the news that over $240,000 dollars were raised. That amount of money can go a long way and without it, times could get really tough.

As a whole the night was great. Full of great people, awesomely dressed Corps Members in their tuxes and dresses, and anticipation for the great things City Year New Hampshire will be doing in the future.

Senior Corps Members for next year at Starry Starry Night. Hopefully more will be joining the squad.

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About quinciworthey

Hello there, My name is Quinci. I am 23 years old and hail from Jackson, MI. I am currently serving with City Year New Hampshire as a Project Leader.
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