A Night of Appreciation



Photo by Pink Sherbet Photography

On Saturday, March 26th, City Year New Hampshire celebrated its 11th Annual Starry Starry Night Gala recognizing Sandra and Paul Montrone with the Lifetime of Service Award for their constant support for non-profit and community organizations.

Corps Members and staff described the evening as fabulous, moving, inspiring, hard work, beautiful, fun, humbling and magnificent. Reflecting back on this night, I thought about the opportunity corps members had to speak with donors and future champions about our service and what it means to be a corps member at City Year New Hampshire. In my experience, I found myself thanking guests for their support and talking to them about how the feeling of service keeps me present in my work and is the reason why I’ll continue to work with today’s youth.

A highlight in the program was watching a video of a student at Beech Street Elementary and thinking about students in my classroom that share similar stories and journeys. For some, getting up at 5 a.m. and making sure their siblings are dressed and ready for school is a responsibility some students have. What moved me about this video was that it captured a student’s story through their strength and voice. It forced me to take a step back and think deeply about my students and their responsibilities outside of school. Because of this, Starry Starry Night was a night of appreciation. It was an evening fueled by hard work and love. A moment for everyone to reflect and find strength in the differences they’ve made this year thus far and re-center themselves in their mission they aim to achieve in our last months in service.


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