Blazers, pressed pants, ties, skirts and more collared shirts! We were all business this past Comcast Career Day at City Year Headquarters in Boston. City Year New Hampshire and City Year Boston teamed up to experience this day as one huge corps. This year’s Comcast Career Day marks the 4th year of their annual event to prepare corps members on their life after City Year.

The day was composed of different workshops ranging from “Your Personal Brand and Networking,” “Social Networking,” “Interviewing Skills Workshop,” and even an entire workshop surrounding LinkedIn. Corps members were also given the opportunity to participate in mock interviews with Comcast representatives and in return were given feedback on their interviewing skills.

Another great aspect of Comcast Career Day was our “18-Minute Networking”, which was my favorite part of the day. Corps members choose 3 out of 25 categories such as Graduate School, Communications and Social Media, Law Enforcement, and many more, to participate in round tabling. We were given the opportunity to question the professionals at each table about their careers and the path they took to get there. One of the greatest things I learned during these secessions is that a lot of people found ways to mesh the numerous things that they love into one career. For instance, I was able to talk to a woman who worked for EBSCO. She told me that her degree was in biology but she loved writing. Therefore her career is in medical writing for EBSCO. She’s able to mix in all of her passions, which makes her job that more enjoyable!

I took a lot away from our leaders at Comcast, the graduate schools, and from City Year Headquarters. I now know what sites I should be signed up on for career networking and how to utilize my contacts as resources. I feel more equipped as our year of service is coming to an end. I still have a lot of figuring out to do on where I should be next year and in the near future. To be honest, I am in a gray area and the confusion, and the pressure is on to make final decisions for next year. Being waitlisted for City Year New York doesn’t make anything easier but things like that happen and it only motivates me more to get where I need to be!

So what will it be? Graduate School? A Senior Corp Member year with City Year? A job? Only time will tell…

About VilmaRodriguesSilva11CM

A young idealist who graduated from the University of Connecticut and is now ready to change the world! "The world seems too busy for compassion and love, lets change that"- @Vilma_Rodrigues
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