Planning Our Next Step!

Just six months ago we were at Camp Berea going through our Basic Training Retreat. Here we are back from Camp Berea where we held our Advance Training Retreat now with only four months left of service. These last four months are compiled with so many significant activities that it makes the first six months of service look like a piece of cake.

Love City Year I’m not afraid of what’s ahead in CYNH because I have a lot of great responsibility coming my way that I’m eager to tackle in order to leave my last impressions here.

What I am anxious about is what to do next? But, I’m not just anxious for myself, I’m eager to see what my teammates and other corps members decide to do after this experience. I’m currently witnessing the stresses of job applications, college applications, grad school applications, medical school applications, updating resumes, cover letters, and gathering recommendations, all to assist our corps on what comes next!

Where’s my fit throughout these tons of applications? I, along with other first year corps members have decided to apply for a Senior Corps Member position here at City Year New Hampshire and other sites like City Year Miami, City Year New York and City Year San Jose, just to name a few.

I am very proud of all the corps members who are looking into getting a degree or going back for a master degree after this year. But I mostly congratulate and applaud those who are applying to commit another year of their life to City Year no matter where in the country they decide to go.

Those of us who wish to come back want to do so in order to demonstrate all that we have learned. I want to gain a different perspective of City Year from a different leadership position. I want to give more of my time to an organization that has disciplined and matured me. With more knowledge and experience under our black belts and scuffs from service on our Timberland boots, I believe most of us have what it takes to continue being great leaders both at City Year and wherever life takes us after City Year.


About VilmaRodriguesSilva11CM

A young idealist who graduated from the University of Connecticut and is now ready to change the world! "The world seems too busy for compassion and love, lets change that"- @Vilma_Rodrigues
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