Photo Taken By Eric Beaton

ATR (Advanced Training Retreat): A three-day long retreat where Corps members are taken up to Camp Berea to rest, recover and be reinvigorated for service.

Being removed from service for a couple of days was great time to gain some perspective and relight a smoldering flame for serving my kids.  Having time to build deeper relationships with my team and the rest of the FY11 team was immensely refreshing. I got to step back and take a look at what I’ve done thus far this year, what still needs to be done in the ever dwindling time left in the year, and even meet a personal challenge by leading a workshop in front of the whole Corps.

In all honesty, ATR could not have come at a better time. I was feeling bogged down and a bit overwhelmed leading up to the retreat. Being able to hang out, have some fun and refocus on my service allowed me to clear my mind of the stressful fog that rolls in at the middle of any difficult mission. PITW#33 Everything Feels Like a Failure in the Middle-Keep Going!

After returning from this great event I have been able to see clearly what I’ve been doing well in the classroom and what I need to work on harder. Some new ideas and opportunities have been created for me through reconnecting with my teacher and I am excited to start putting them into action. My hope is that through them I can have a greater impact on my kids in a new way that I had not considered before. In that way I am reinvigorated and looking forward to the final stretch of this year.

-Eric B.


About ebeaton

Hi, I am Eric Beaton. I'm the oldest of six kids and the grandchild of immigrants from Spain and Cuba. In May 2010, I graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a BA in Political Science. I played football in college and play the bass guitar as a hobby. My home town is La Verne, CA which I left in August 2010 to join CYNH in Manchester, NH as a first year Corps member(I am currently a Senior Corps Member). I drove across the country to get here and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of seeing a lot of places I had never been. I hope to travel abroad to many different places around the world in the future.
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