Building a Boat

So much of what inspired me from ATR (Advanced Training Retreat) was returning to a place of learning. During this retreat I read a letter I wrote to myself at the beginning of my service. In it was a quote from my professor, advisor and mentor, Suzanne Gardinier. The quote read, “Tear down your home and build a boat.”
I thought about our Red Jacket Ceremony and my “why I serve statement”. I reflected on my leadership, wolf-pack team, Young Heroes, teacher and students that I proudly serve. I also thought about where I am heading, the world I hope to travel and boat one day make. An exercise our site participated in that brought me closer to this message was my “I am from” poem.
I Am From…
I am from gasoline, my brothers back, my brothers, back, rescue mission, knives, blood, squishy.  I am from tamales, ceviche, frijoles, sopes, enchiladas, fruta, nachos, churros, queso fresco, empanadas, agua de jamaica, tamarindo, pina, mango, salsa verde, chilles rellenos, enfrijoladas, pan dulce, huevos rancheros, pupusas, caldo de rez, birria, pozole, arroz rojo, arroz verde.  I am from “Que es eso? Porque caminas asi? Que te dije? Que bueno!”  I am from music, music, nortena, jarocho, cumbia, merengue, ranchera, Pink, Cypress Hill, Lil Kim, Destiny’s Child, Christina Aguilera, Alejandro Fernandez, Los Tucanes de Tijuana.  I am from abuela, abuelo, hijo, hija.
The days spent at ATR were refreshing.  I look forward to the next four month and waters I’ll travel after.
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