And with the blink of an eye January is nearly over

I listen to the soft beats of a remixed Bob Marley song and consider the fact that in little over a week the month of January will be complete.

This month has been filled with some truly eye opening experiences or “a-ha” moments.

The first real “a-ha” moment I had of the year was during the Young Heroes/MLK Day opening event. It came in a speech done by a member of the Office of Youth Services and committed volunteer, Hector.

His words on how by volunteering your heart grows larger made me stop and consider the impact I have had over the course of my service. My mind raced to day one from returning from break and being embraced by one of my students in the form of a flying hug and a “thank you for coming back”. At the time I smiled and thought nothing of it but hearing Hector’s words made me think of the work I am doing.

“WOW” I thought.

My second “a-ha” moment came this past Saturday. The young heroes program lines up some very interesting curriculum for the students that choose to participate in the program. This weekend was focused on understanding the elderly generation. During my team debrief my co-team leaders and I asked our heroes what they thought of the day and the service project which involved spending time at an elderly community center, their responses were deep and insightful. The one that stuck with me the most was “I liked getting to know older people outside of my grandma and grandpa; they were really interesting and had some great stories to tell”.

It’s these little moments that I find validation in. It’s been told to me countless times that work at City Year is like throwing seeds over a wall – you never know which seeds will be eaten by birds, which will fall into streams and be carried away and which seeds will sprout. However, I find that through these small “a-ha” moments you can see small sprouts of “impact”. In these small moments of clairvoyance I feel my heart grow bigger.

I’ll end the post with a New Year’s resolution (side note: I don’t make New Year’s resolutions to around this time because it’s so easy to lose sight of them in the hype of the first weeks of the year).

Resolution: Take time to reflect.  Find your “a-ha” moments where you can. It can be as simply as a high five or as deep as an insightful statement in a debrief on a “Day On”.


About jeffreysierra11cm

I Serve because there are children that the future will forget about. I Serve in hopes that we [City Year] can be the catalyst for positive educational reform. I serve because it is the right thing to do. Greeting Friends, Brothers and Sisters! My name is Jeff Sierra, I am a 23 year old young adult from Norwalk, CT; hearts in Philly ; but my home for the next ten months is Manchester, NH. I am passionate about service and helping others. I enjoy reading, love to walk, and like to learn about new cultures. It is my hope this year to try and bring my best into everything I do. If I can impact one student and let them know that their dreams are truly attainable I will feel validated and know that I accomplished my goal. Please follow my blog, drop me a message, or comment on a post. Peace and Love.
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