Counting The Seconds…

Photo Taken by Eric Beaton

Its only been one week since I got back from winter break, yet it seems like I never left New Hampshire. Although I admit it was a lot harder to come back then I assumed it would be before I left. Parting from my family and my best friends was a struggle and as I made my way back to the “Live Free or Die” state I must admit that there was much anxiety filling my heart. It was not until I saw my kids again that my anxiety levels lowered at all. Seeing that they had missed me was an enormous lift to my spirits.

Since I have been back it feels as if everything has been pushed into full swing. Young Heroes Saturdays started up and the second half of the school year is marching on. Being away and coming back has given me a better perspective of how much I have grown since leaving sunny California. Five months brought many more challenges and achievements then I had realized before I left  and  I expect that this new year will be filled with more inspiring moments and challenges to be overcome than the last. I hope to meet those challenges head on and grow even more.

I need to continue through the rest of this school year strong and work even harder than I did in 2010. The kids in my class are a daily reminder of why I am here and keeping this in mind is paramount for my desire to meet challenges head on as the last 6 months stretch out before me. Those few months may be the last chance I have to help those kids who were put in my path. There is much to do and time is limited. Every second counts and yet as I type the words seconds slip through my fingers and are forever gone, never again will I see those precious moments in time. I write this not to sound dismal but to remind myself (and perhaps those who read this) to press on when things get tough and to utilize the precious time I have. Any moment can be the moment that makes a difference, my hope is that when the moment comes I will be ready.


About ebeaton

Hi, I am Eric Beaton. I'm the oldest of six kids and the grandchild of immigrants from Spain and Cuba. In May 2010, I graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a BA in Political Science. I played football in college and play the bass guitar as a hobby. My home town is La Verne, CA which I left in August 2010 to join CYNH in Manchester, NH as a first year Corps member(I am currently a Senior Corps Member). I drove across the country to get here and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of seeing a lot of places I had never been. I hope to travel abroad to many different places around the world in the future.
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