Previewing a Book

I was inspired today by one of my third grade students. We were in readers workshop previewing Marvin’s Birthday by Sally Murphy and had the following conversation.

Student: “Marvin’s Birthday. Oh Mr. Ricardo, I see why birthday’s are important. Mr.Ricardo?

Ricardo: “Why are they important?”

Student: “Because like, that’s the day we were brought to life. And you need to celebrate because its special. And you can never forget it…. And birthday’s are so special because you don’t know it when’s your birthday.”

Ricardo: “What do you mean?”

Student: “What?”

Ricardo: “You said, you don’t know it when’s your birthday?”

Student: “Well, some people don’t know, because when they are like 5, you don’t know, but you will always remember because that was the first day you met your mom.”



For L.N.,





179, as you seek, 180

underneath your carpets starfish


on this day

173, 178

please and thank you fill your stories

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