Bakersville Bulldogs Work on Service Project

“You can’t hide this Bulldog Pride”.

What started off as a seed idea in the beginning of our training academy has transformed into an inspirational day of service.

On Wednesday,  November 10th, my teammates and myself worked on beautifying our black-top. The end result was fantastic. Although, we weren’t there on Friday when our students saw what we did, I’m sure they are loving the work we did and hopefully the four newly painted four-squares are getting a lot of use.

This is one step in what will be many acts of improving our school in order to develop a stronger sense of community and pride for our students, the parents, teachers and corps members. I feel this is one step towards many more successful service projects.

I’d like to end with a PITW that I feel fits in with this day; PITW # 103 (Bing!) Send Out “Tiny Ripples of Hope”. Please check out the photos below:


About jeffreysierra11cm

I Serve because there are children that the future will forget about. I Serve in hopes that we [City Year] can be the catalyst for positive educational reform. I serve because it is the right thing to do. Greeting Friends, Brothers and Sisters! My name is Jeff Sierra, I am a 23 year old young adult from Norwalk, CT; hearts in Philly ; but my home for the next ten months is Manchester, NH. I am passionate about service and helping others. I enjoy reading, love to walk, and like to learn about new cultures. It is my hope this year to try and bring my best into everything I do. If I can impact one student and let them know that their dreams are truly attainable I will feel validated and know that I accomplished my goal. Please follow my blog, drop me a message, or comment on a post. Peace and Love.
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