Mighty Milers: Running a Mile With My Kids

Over the past month, the kids at Wilson Elementary School logged how many miles they walked or ran for a program called “Mighty Milers,” which challenges todays youth to run/walk 26 miles.  Kids who completed 25 miles by the 4th got the chance to run two laps around the Fisher Cats Stadium, completing their marathon.

On this day, I thought deeply about my role and influence as a tutor, mentor and role model to students in and out of my classroom.  I thought about how to them, I am CITY YEAR! On some days, not even Mr. Ricardo, but on this rainy day, I wasn’t helping them, or providing extra one-on-one attention, I was achieving the same goals they were and because of this,  was honored to finish the race with my schoolmates.

To put it simply, I had a blast! It was raining and we pushed through. Some of the hilarious things they would say to me were, “Ricardo, I am going to die.” “I think my ribs are broken.” “Why, Ricardo, why?”
I will never forget their faces as they completed their two laps and the moment they received their medals for finishing the marathon.
Until next time,
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2 Responses to Mighty Milers: Running a Mile With My Kids

  1. P Gould says:

    Wonderful to read about what you are doing and to feel your beautiful spirit, humor and generosity coming through so clearly. Looking forward to more news, P

  2. RicardoEsquivias11CM says:

    PEGGY!!! Its so great to hear from you. I think of you often and am excited to know you are doing well.

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