Little Hands

It does not matter what kind of day you are having, because when you are working with children, there is no such thing as a day off. If you are there, you need and have to give them 100%; but it is quite easy to smile and laugh when I see the students who I’m building bonds with. When I hear “Miss Vilma” or “Miss Vanilla”, on some occasions, I get eager! I never know if they need my help, want to give me a hug, share a story or experience, read to me, or give me a drawing or note that was completed for me. If I need reassurances of love I know my fifth graders and the other students at Parker-Varney will find a way to show it, even when they don’t even know I need it. They are truly an inspiration.

I wrote this poem for them and for all the other children I have worked with in the past years.

Little Hands

Where is it that you are going??

I want people to know where I’m from…

That place measures all my blessings.

I’m reminded of what I have now because of what I didn’t have before.

I will always be from palm trees and black sand beaches.

I will always be from the corner stores and dirty streets.

I learned to take myself to higher levels.

Learned to gain patience.

I’m from humble attitudes.

I’m from book smarts and those late nights.

I’m from learning from my surroundings.

Learning from previous mistakes.

I’m sharing my experiences so they could learn.

So I’m holding some little hands,

Holding little hands and listening to their laughter.

I’m listening to their colorful imaginations, there’s nothing like it.

I want to teach little hands, with untied shoes and sticky fingers.

Those little hands have stories and emotions that need attention.

I’m from services; I’m from feelings of reciprocity.

I’m from the desire of wanting to be needed.

I’m content from where I’m from, and where I’ve been.

That place will only take me further in the future.

But, little hands teach me to reflect.

Little hands remind me to remember the feeling of innocence.

The little hands that I’m from pulled me to the hands I’m walking to now.



About VilmaRodriguesSilva11CM

A young idealist who graduated from the University of Connecticut and is now ready to change the world! "The world seems too busy for compassion and love, lets change that"- @Vilma_Rodrigues
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One Response to Little Hands

  1. RicardoEsquivias11CM says:


    I LOVE this poem. Some of my favorites lines are “I will always be from palm trees and black sand beaches” and “I will always be from the corner stores and dirty streets”. This is a powerful list of awareness and appreciation.

    Thank you for sharing!

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