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Giving Thanks

Soon, I will be boarding a plane headed towards Denver International airport in Colorado. My family will be waiting for me there with anxious excitement. I will share a warm embrace with all of them and they will continue to … Continue reading

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The Voices at Wilson Continued

Fourth Grader: “I have 1 year left.  Then middle school, high school, then college, a wife, kids.  I have my life planned.” Third Grader: “Can you find my skin color?  I’ll just use yellow.” Ricardo: “Do you know what a … Continue reading

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A Day of Thanks

On November 25th I will be celebrating Thanksgiving. This day of thanks is usually known for a humble observance of what one is grateful for, a rowdy football game in the evening and if you are fortunate a day filled … Continue reading

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Hunger Banquet

As aromas filled the room, the hunger pains hit the pit of my stomach as I stared at the bowl of plain white rice in front of me. We all awed at the others eating pancakes sitting in chairs. One … Continue reading

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A Good Refresher

Waiting for “Superman” is a film directed by Davis Guggenheim and produced by Lesley Chilcott that examines the current state of American public education.  On Friday, CYNH had the opportunity to view this film and reflect on how it’s message can impact … Continue reading

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Bakersville Bulldogs Work on Service Project

“You can’t hide this Bulldog Pride”. What started off as a seed idea in the beginning of our training academy has transformed into an inspirational day of service. On Wednesday,  November 10th, my teammates and myself worked on beautifying our black-top. The … Continue reading

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Reality Check

I recently had an encounter with a fifth grader that I would describe as a swift push back into reality for myself from the busy and bustling world of elementary school. This particular student happens to be from Baghdad, Iraq … Continue reading

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This past week was such an eye-opening time for me. Veteran’s Day was on Thursday and we as a site volunteered to help during the NH State Veterans Ceremony. During the ceremony I decided to walk around and read the … Continue reading

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Mighty Milers: Running a Mile With My Kids

 Over the past month, the kids at Wilson Elementary School logged how many miles they walked or ran for a program called “Mighty Milers,” which challenges todays youth to run/walk 26 miles.  Kids who completed 25 miles by the 4th got the chance … Continue reading

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Little Hands

It does not matter what kind of day you are having, because when you are working with children, there is no such thing as a day off. If you are there, you need and have to give them 100%; but … Continue reading

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