Putting Idealism to Work: BING!

Putting Idealism To Work (PITW) are a collection of 182 ideas. They are an integral part of City Year culture and one of the pillars that ground City Year as a national organization.

Although I have my favorite ones like PITW# 50, We Must Never Lose the Human Aspect of What We Are Doing, and PITW# 169, Always Be Prepared to Answer One Question: Why Do You Think You Are Making a Difference?, lately, I’ve been doing my digging in PITW# 174, Seek Balance in Life, which reads:

Living a life of commitment and service can be very hard. Quite literally, we take on the problems of the world. In order to be effective and to set a good example to others, we should seek to maintain balance in our lives. This doesn’t mean we don’t or can’t often work long hours or weekends, especially during heavy season in the campaign of idealism. But it does mean that you should not neglect your friends, family, relationships, health, or other personal areas of life. We should all also take time to relax, rejuvenate, and recapture our perspective and energy. -The Idealist Handbook 2010-2011 pg.223

Relax. Rejuvenate. Recapture our perspective and energy. I find that its very easy for me to allow my passion for service come before my life’s purpose and goals. As much as I love my service, my classroom and fellow corps members, there are days where I feel consumed with CY, its intentions and initiatives. I recognize that I am part of something greater than myself, but I need to stay close to that self that brought me here. I need to reflect and make the time to seek a balance that compliments both paths of life I walk on, CY and the individual. Thus, I commit to making the time to step out of CY more often and focusing my energy inward.


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