Going the Extra Mile

When I think about City Year, I always think about the differences we as corps members are going to make in the lives of the children we work with.  I rarely stop to think about the impact the teachers will have in our lives.  I decided for my first blog I would dedicate it to the staff at Henry Wilson Elementary School for going the extra mile for me.

Recently, during recess my glasses were broken.  Without any glasses it is difficult for me to see clearly.  I never thought that going through this experience would bring me this new profound gratitude and admiration for the staff at Henry Wilson Elementary.  The staff did more than I could ever imagine.  They offered to pay to replace my glasses.  To many people that may not mean a lot but to me it meant everything.  Someone once told me that love is an action word.  I truly believe that what the Wilson staff did was a perfect example of love.  I am truly honored and grateful that these individuals thought so much of me to go above and beyond.

In City Year, our motto is “Give a year. Change the world.”  This experience has demonstrated that in a short amount of time we can make a difference in the lives of people we encounter everyday just by going the extra mile.

About yisme11

My name is Yvonette. I am a first year corp member and I recently graduate from college.
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