The Idealist Journey: Slaying my Dragon

The idealist journey (IJ) is an opportunity for corps members to reflect and connect with their life’s purpose. It includes exploring their personal goals related to City Year, but most importantly, a chance “to pause from your service and look inward.” -The Idealist Journey: The City Year Leadership Development Guide and Workbook 2010-2011 (pg. 6)
This past Friday during an IJ session, we participated in an exercise entitled “What is Your Dragon to Slay?“ In this exercise, we were asked to identify our dragon, our personal challenge that limits our ability to lead, and reflect on what it would mean to slay that dragon.

What I discovered is that my dragon to slay is making more of an effort to “pause more” and unpack my life‘s purpose. I want to deepen my connection to love in hopes to awaken something new in my giving as I serve. Some steps I am taking now to make this a reality is meditation, breathing deeply often, writing poems and appreciating those around me.

Out of this exercise, came this poem:


unsheathe your wings

fire hello

uncurl your tail

shield your scales

deep, root,

humble eyelids be,

show your heart,

those ears

arrows of night,

dream beyond your pen

your paper encased sky

I look forward to this journey.


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