The Voices at Wilson

One of the things I enjoy most about City Year and working with kids is the amazing things they say everyday.  So this week, I decided to record their voices and dedicate my blog to their humor, words of inspiration and struggles they face each day.  Enjoy!

“My head is like a channel.”

“My brain is empty of crying.”

“She gives me the creeps.”

“This is a perfect opportunity for you to make a new friend.”

“I just want to have lunch with you and Mr. Ricardo.”

“I did the best I could.”

“You can be the king, but you won’t win the war.”

“How can you not be in your world, it’s yours.”

“I still feel lonely, a little bit.”

Student: “I think I might have autism.”  Teacher: “What do you think that means?”  Student: “It means there is something wrong with your brain… like an acceleration of something.”  Teacher: “What do you think your acceleration is?”  Student: “Math.”

“When I grow up, I want to be just like you.”

“If we keep using unsafe cars, we’re going to burn the ozone layer and the earth will die.”

“I got it, it’s at the bottom of my tongue.”


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