“City Year is Contagious”

“City Year What Time is it”?

Through the days, weeks, and tons of hours, those who are involved in City Year know about “The Culture”. For the past two months we were given tests to prove ourselves like reciting the pledge, doing PT moves correctly , and learning what the CY logo means. We even told our “Why We Serve” statements where we smiled with joy at Opening Day Ceremony, and where we cried at Red Jacket Ceremony from each others dedications. We have become a family who share this culture, not only in this city of NH, but also Nation wide!

When outside of City Year hours we all tend to give the “Whiff” to lame cheesy jokes. We give the silent applause to things that are awesome, and even at random times we will begin reciting the City Year chants and PT moves.

From service and training within these two months, we now have the City Year Culture lodged in our brains. Put your thoughts into action because as a staff member once said “The more work you put in, the more you will get out of City Year”.

This year has already begun and it will be over before you know it, so make it last.

Whiff: When a lame or cheesy joke is announced the Whiff comes into play.It looks as if you are trying to shoo burnt toast smoke out of your house.
Silent Applause:When you do not want to interrupt something or are just too lazy to clap, people do the silent applause. You twist/wave your hand at ear height.
PT Move:Physical training moves that corps members do while unified to show spirit, discipline, purpose, and pride.

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