Reach the Beach: Opening the Door

Let me start off by telling you a little bit about myself. My name is Ricardo Esquivias and I am 22 years old from Richmond, California. I joined City Year New Hampshire (CYNH) because it embodies a culture of giving that I‘ve come to embrace through my work as a poet and dancer. For me, being part of this organization means believing in love and respecting the struggles that come along with believing in a greater good, thus, I serve because giving back contributes to those efforts and those of peace.

Embarking on this journey, I was excited and hoped to develop new poems that would reflect my service. I wanted to translate my experience into a library of images.  However, its been difficult for me to do so. It’s interesting because I’ve been able to reflect and communicate my experience thus far with my friends and CYNH community, but I’ve been unable to write a single poem until recently.

On September 17, CYNH volunteered at the 12th annual Reach the Beach Relay, a 200 mile race that brought over 400 teams together from across the nation. Each team consisted (at the max) of 12 runners that rotated through 36 transition areas beginning at Franconia Notch and ending in Hampton Beach. At this event, I was inspired by the runners and through them, the beginning of my new work emerged:

Nights Breath

You are champions

the roads horses

loving prints that golden rush.

I praise your pillowed feet

strawberry ankles

and blinking bliss

that string bows in night.


believe in

and remember the blue

paw prints of your miles.


the swallowed fire,

breathe out

the frosted glaze.

I look forward to following in the footsteps of all the runners from the relay. Throughout my service this year, I will return to this service day for courage, strength and encouragement.

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One Response to Reach the Beach: Opening the Door

  1. ebeaton says:

    Awesome poem Ricardo.

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