City Year…I’m Digging It

So, it’s two months into City Year and I am really digging the experience. The new surroundings are extremely pleasing. Being from Michigan, it is great to live in a place that gets all four seasons. With fall rolling in, new and vibrant colors pop up all the time on the trees.  With this, the color that has stuck out the most to me lately is RED. Now to some that may seem a bit cliché but honestly it does.  Never again will I be able to  look at the color red in the same way and this is only after two months with City Year.

Opening Day was a few days back and it has made me so proud to wear my reds.  Seeing members of the community present, supporting us was something else. Listening to everyone’s statements on why they serve seemed to bond us all together; it bonded me with my fellow corps members and it bonded all of us to the communities in which we serve. For those who are curious as to what my “I Serve” statement was…here you go:

“I serve to help children and communities in a way that has never been offered to me or my hometown community.”

To wrap things up, I will start by saying that so far City Year has been everything I expected and more. I expected to be helping people. However,  I did not realize that the people I am helping would in turn be helping me. I have the words “Light Up The Darkness” tattooed on my chest.  To me those words have always meant turning negatives into positives, not let darkness swallow me whole, and to shine light on others. Here in Manchester, NH I get a chance to do that every single day. Those words mean so much more to me now.

And as true as the title says, City Year…I’m digging it.

Yours in lighting up the darkness



About quinciworthey

Hello there, My name is Quinci. I am 23 years old and hail from Jackson, MI. I am currently serving with City Year New Hampshire as a Project Leader.
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6 Responses to City Year…I’m Digging It

  1. ebeaton says:

    Diggin your blog post. Light up that darkness!

  2. Quincy,

    “Light up the darkness” is poetic and kind of like a superhero motto… like “with great power comes great responsibility.” I’m diggin’ it.

    Stay awesome,

  3. Ashley Evard says:


    Nice post 😉 I’m so glad you love being out there. From what you told me, it sounds like an unbelievably awesome experience and one that has already made you better. I always knew you were good with kids! I look forward to more posts from you. Continue to change the world like you already have. I can’t wait to hear more about it.


  4. Karin says:

    “Light up the Darkness”
    I think its incredible that you’re spending your time giving and helping others. I think that in this world every little act of kindness, the kind of kindesses that you do every day bring us closer to peace. Even though you’re just one person and City Year is just one organization, it truly does contribute in one week more to the world than most people ever will in the entirety of their lives. Though I don’t think you’re the most emotionally expressive person I’ve met, I think you express through your actions and the work your doing truly shows your love for others.

  5. Jodi says:

    As a fellow Michigander, I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying Manchester! When I moved from Michigan to New Hampshire for City Year in 2007 I was a little skeptical about the seasons being as nice out here, and while to me the ocean can’t compare to Lake Michigan, it’s not so bad:) Take a drive up to the mountains, it’s just like being in the UP. Thanks for your service to Manchester and especially to the refugee and immigrant students who helped me decide to now call New Hampshire Home. I am excited to see you light up their lives throughout the course of this year.

  6. Derrick Worthey says:

    Quincy so glad you’re enjoying your City Year experience, it is so incredible to witness your continued growth and development. I am so proud of you. Yes, “Light up the darness.” Makes me want to go watch “I Am Legend” again. Peace

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