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Putting Idealism to Work: BING!

Putting Idealism To Work (PITW) are a collection of 182 ideas. They are an integral part of City Year culture and one of the pillars that ground City Year as a national organization. Although I have my favorite ones like … Continue reading

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Commūnicātio (Latin) sharing, imparting partaking fellowship communication Last Monday, the Beech St. Elementary school team got together with Pawn Nitichan, the team’s staff buddy and CYNH co-ED, for its first stellar feedback session. These feedback sessions are focused on fostering … Continue reading

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Going the Extra Mile

When I think about City Year, I always think about the differences we as corps members are going to make in the lives of the children we work with.  I rarely stop to think about the impact the teachers will … Continue reading

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Not to long ago I decided to go home and surprise a lot of my friends and family. It was a great time and I felt so appreciated, loved, and missed. The journey from Manchester, NH to Jackson, MI began … Continue reading

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A strange phenomenon seems to have fallen over me recently. As the daylight grows shorter and the air grows colder, I feel as though my day gets longer and more strenuous, but in the same instance the weeks seem to flash by before my eyes. … Continue reading

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Live Everyday Like It’s Your Last

As I waited alongside friends, teammates, and coaches in the hospital waiting room, I thought to myself, bad things don’t happen to good people, especially people who are striving to do great in life, that he would be just fine. Then … Continue reading

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The Idealist Journey: Slaying my Dragon

The idealist journey (IJ) is an opportunity for corps members to reflect and connect with their life’s purpose. It includes exploring their personal goals related to City Year, but most importantly, a chance “to pause from your service and look … Continue reading

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City Year what time is it?

It’s time for us to get back to the grind.. As I sit in my apartment on Sunday and reflect on how fast the weekend flew by, I wish that I had accomplished more, gotten more sleep, done more things … Continue reading

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Every experience is a learning experience

The original topic of this blog drastically changed over the course of me actually sitting down to put my thoughts together. I think it’s important for you to know this. Also, there is a piece of City Year “culture” that … Continue reading

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Culture to Culture

We all know that City Year unites young idealist from all around the nation (including as far from New Hampshire as Alaska!). But what’s more exciting than coming from different states, is that we are from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. … Continue reading

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