Farewell Timberland HQ

It is hard to believe that this week marks our second week at our new office!  Our building is located in the heart of downtown of Manchester– it is relatively close to the schools that we serve in, and it is surrounded by a variety of businesses.  I think my favorite thing about being in Manchester is that I get to live and work in the community that I am serving.  With our red jackets and our big hearts, the fifty-six corps members at City Year New Hampshire are incredibly powerful, and I’m excited to witness the transformation that we can make in the Manchester community!

Although I am enjoying our new office space, I still miss the friendly faces at the Timberland World Headquarters (where City Year New Hampshire has had space for the last ten years.)  Since we moved, I’ve been thinking a lot about how fortunate City Year is to be supported by Timberland.  Jeff Schwartz, the CEO and President of Timberland, continues to provide City Year corps members with boots and several of our uniform parts and team sponsorships across the City Year Network, without which our service may not have been possible.  It is a privilege to have this relationship with Timberland, and I am forever grateful for the support that we have received.

 Though our space in the Timberland Headquarters may be empty now, I hope that CYNH has left a bit of Idealism with the employees of Timberland; the way they have left a huge impression on all of us at City Year.  

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