My Time as a Crazy Team Leader

Today marked a major transition for the corps at City Year New Hampshire. For the past week, the new corps members have been on “Crazy Teams,” temporary groups to help them become acclimated to a major part of City Year — serving as part of a team. Every morning and afternoon of last week, corps members met with their Crazy Teams to prepare for and debrief their day. During the intervening hours, they spent their time in trainings and doing service.

I had the chance to serve as a Crazy Team leader for those first four days. I won’t have my own permanent team throughout the year, and I’m satisfied with that. Leading a team — even if it’s only for four days — is a lot of work. You have to be constantly seeking to manage the corps member experience and facilitating their journey into the world of City Year while completing the goals specific to your position. I did struggle with serving as a Crazy Team leader but I appreciated it pushing me into my challenge zone.

Today, corps members found out their permanent teams for the year. While they ran around, meeting with their team leader for the first time, I felt a twinge of jealousy. I stood on the side, watching the feelings of jubilation and celebration that were visible on many faces.

Overall, I feel good. I had the chance to strengthen my abilities as a leader for a brief time. And though I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t get to be a participant in the excitement today, I recognize that these six new teams are going to do extraordinary things over the next ten months — and I can’t wait to stand back and watch as they grow in their abilities to serve and improve the lives of children in Manchester and southern New Hampshire.


About Paul Riley PL

I serve as Resource Development Project Leader with City Year New Hampshire.
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