My Vital Few

Hello everyone! My name is Paul Riley, and I am the Resource Development Project Leader at City Year New Hampshire. Project Leaders are senior corps members who don’t have their own teams of first year corps members. Some of my main tasks include running the Visitor Program and helping the corps members learn about fundraising and in-kind donations.

Last year, I served as a WSWC team member at Seabrook Middle School in Seabrook, NH. The transition from in-school service to an office-based position has been a little difficult for me. For the past few weeks, I have been struggling to get settled into this new role. On Friday, I realized why.

The eleven other senior corps members, a few staff members and I went to  Manchester for the day to explore and learn more about the city where we’ll be doing most of our service. In the afternoon, we had the chance to sit in at a roundtable with some incredible champions of City Year’s work in Manchester. They spoke of the great work we can do by working together with others in the community. They pledged their support to help obtain whatever we needed  to succeed.

There are so many possibilities for this year. I have been thinking — for months, even — about potential opportunities to work with other organizations in Manchester, about reaching out to individuals and teaching them about City Year. There are so many directions to go that I don’t know where to start.

And that is why I have been struggling to adjust during the past few weeks. What I need to do is decide what are my “vital few” for the year — the things that are fundamental to my work , the goals that I prioritize as most important. Today, I wrote them down. I only have two, but they’re big. The first is to facilitate communication and develop relationships. This includes between me and the senior corps, me and the entire corps, and me and potential champions. Second, I want to work on my personal development. That includes musically, professionally and socially.

I fully expect that this year will hold fantastic challenges and there will be moments that I question myself and my work. But with my vital few guiding me, I know that when I finish the year, I will be able to look back with pride on the inspiring accomplishments I made.

About Paul Riley PL

I serve as Resource Development Project Leader with City Year New Hampshire.
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  1. CityYearNH says:

    Great Post! Thanks Paul!

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